Japanese Sake



in Luxembourg

Our Vision

智  感  伝

Conscious to offer a genuine, refined and complete Japanese experience, we organized our brand around 3 fundamental pillars that represent the quintessence of the sa.Kura proposition.



This pillar not only embodies the intelligence, the knowledge and the proficiency of the artisans and craftsperson behind the remarkable artifacts and goods sa.Kura proposes, it also encompasses teachings and learnings about carefully selected topics related to the treasures of the Japanese culture.



Acknowledging that the most memorable experiences are lived through the senses, sa.Kura is entirely committed to offer you an authentic and remarkable Japanese adventure stimulating the whole of the 5 perceptions doors of your mind, body and soul.



Central focus of our service offering, sa.Kura is determined to respect Japanese traditions and deliver them as they are in their simplest and most accessible form. Our vast and extensive ties with Japan allows us to bring forward privileged partners and master artisans in numerous domains of traditional arts, crafts and techniques.